Nous portons un regard épicurien, décalé, amusé et urbain sur le fooding. Nous ne cherchons pas à sauver ni nourrir la planète. We cast an epicurean, quirky, joyful and urban eye over fooding. We do not aim at saving nor feeding the world.

vendredi 3 juin 2011

fun cooking with Dolls

if you need ideas to cook for your dolls and teddybears, here they are :

The Pic Nic season just started ! don't forget to invite your best friends to join you !

La saison des Pic Nic a commencé....N'oubliez pas vos doudous !! Have Fun ...

and please, have a look to Martine Camillieri website :

this is another way to be an Underground Gastronome ;-)

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